Monday, July 13, 2009

School Days

Adelaide has started school!! I took her last week for the first time and she loved it! While school lasts from 9 to 2 I picked her up promptly at 11:45 just in case she did not want to stay for lunch! She informed me though that she wanted to eat with the kids!! So today was our first full day! The whole way to school she recited our rules back to me. 1. No Pull Hair. 2. Share Toys. 3. Listen to Miss Claudia & Miss Sara!! I went to pick her up just a little early hoping to catch a glimpse of her playing (sweetly I hoped) but she was sleeping!!!! I was SHOCKED! This child is the pickiest sleeper ever, everything has to be just perfect before she will even pretend to be tired! The teacher said that when Adelaide saw all the other little kids laying down she wanted to sleep too! Needless to say I think we are a follower in the making!! Whenever I need her to do something I say "Emma does it" and all argument is stopped!!