Monday, February 8, 2010

Bippity Boppity Boo

We just got back from taking Adelaide to Walt Disney world to visit her most favorite thing in the whole world, Princess's! I will be adding pictures soon but until I can get them on here I want to record Adelaide's conversation with Cinderella! We ate dinner at the castle on Friday night and Miss Adelaide talked to Cinderella one on one for at least 20 minutes! It was the most precious conversation.
Adelaide: Hi Cinderella, I'm Adelaide and I am a Princess like you! (she curtsies)
Cinderella: Well Hello Princess Adelaide! (Curtsies)! I am so glad you came to my castle tonight for dinner.
Adelaide: Where is Bruno (the dog)
Cinderella: He is upstairs sleeping! He had a long day playing with prince charming and chasing lucifer.
Adelaide: Where is Lucifer (the cat)?
Cinderella: He is upstairs hiding from Bruno and probably sleeping as well!
Adelaide: Where are your sisters Drizella & Anastasia?
Cinderella: They are having dinner with my Step Mother at one of my step mothers friends castle, they should be back tonight!
Adelaide: Where are the mice, especially Gus Gus?
Cinderella: They are right up there on that ledge, they were playing freeze tag with the other mice and I think someone forgot they were here.
Adelaide: What is freeze tag, Ill unfreeze them, I can do it!
Cinderella: Explains freeze tag! But tells Adleiade that they are playing with the mice so she cant unfreeze them only the mice.
Adelaide consideres this explanation and seems to accept the answer!!
Adelaide: Where is Aurora?
Cinderella: She is asleep at her castle with Prince Phillip!
Adelaide: Oh no did she prick her finger on the spindle???
Cinderella: No No No, she is just tired! She's sleeps alot! She knows now that she cant touch the spindle!
Adelaide: WAIT! Where is your Prince Charming????
Cinderella: He had to go to a Royal Prince meeting but he will be back to the castle soon.
Adelaide: So you are here all by yourself?
Cinderella: No you are here with me and my Fairy God Mother is here and all the mice!
Adelaide: Oh Okay thats good, You dont want to be home at this castle all by yourself.
Cinderella: Yes your right.
Adelaide: I really love your dress, it is just like mine! But I dont have a necklace like yours. Its very pretty, I will ask my mommy to get me one like that. OKay?
Cinderella: Oh thank You, I love your dress too, and you are beautiful with or without a necklace.
Adelaide: Yes thank you Cinderella!

Mike and I decided we should really let poor Cinderella go, so after a little more coaxing Adelaide finaly went upstairs for dinner!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tutu Cute!

We have started taking Mom & Tot class at Grayce Dewitt Dance Studio and Adelaide absolutely loves it! She looks forward to "dance class" all week and its definitely the only thing she has never told me she didn't want to do! This week at dance class our Mom & Tot class was asked to be in the Spring Recital!!! The girls are going to be little flowers and their mommies will be their gardeners! I tried to hide my sheer excitement so the other mommies wouldn't think I'm weird but I've secretly been hoping we would get to be in the recital since we started class!!!!! Now all I have to do is find a totally fabulous gardening outfit to where!

Monday, August 24, 2009

To My Baby Adelaide

My Dearest Little Girl,

As I write this to you, you are walking around in a diaper, 4 of mommy's necklaces and a pair of flip flops that someone left here after your 2ND birthday party. You are walking back and forth between talking to Daddy while he takes a shower and to Mommy's closet to find more treasures! Mommy has had a hard day today with you, filled with joy, love, sadness and over coming pride. You just asked me what I was doing, I replied " I am writing you a letter" your ever so cute self said " A letter Mommy, Oh YEAH, a pink letter?" That is you summed up! Everything is exciting, everything is new and most importantly everything is pink.

Today you ventured into the world of "school" (technically its children's day out but, same thing). You were so excited to go to school this morning, you woke up all ready to go and telling me Goodbye before we had even put your shoes on! When Mommy & Daddy got to the school you were so excited to see Miss Ellie (your niece), you both had your backpacks on and tootled into school! You were so excited, that was until we got to your classroom, somehow between the front door and the classroom door you had changed your mind and the next thing I knew you were running from the room backpack and all! Daddy & I sat down with you and explained all about the new & exciting things that you would do at school but you were not falling for it! At last you saw artwork from other kids and exclaimed " I do that," always going with the moment we excitedly told you about all the art work you would be doing in class!! Mommy showed you into your classroom, put your backpack in your "locker" and helped you wash your hands! I sat down with you while you got used to the idea of school and helped you take on the play dough! I mentioned that I needed to go look at something and I would be right back, of course you broke into tears saying "please don't leave me" your Mommy's heart was breaking but she knew you would have so much fun with the other kids as soon as she left. I darted out of the room with eyes full of tears and a very sad heart! I didn't want to leave you with "the fun kids" or to play outside, or have art time! I wanted you to do all these things with ME! But Daddy was there and he was our rock as always! He told me that you would have so much fun, you would love playing outside and would be an excellent artist!!!

I came home with a heavy heart, I found everything that I could to keep me busy! Even worked out for over an hour something I had given up on months ago. I got calls from Lucy and texts from Kim all saying that you were doing great and that you needed this! Gigi & Pawpaw kept me distracted by taking me to run errands and finally relented to my requests to pick you up after an hour! When I peeked through the window of your classroom door you were cradling your nap time sheet (somehow in the morning rush I had neglected to pack your "bankie"). I quickly opened the door & you came running to me crying as hard as you could. You screamed that I had left you "to play tennis", Gigi reassured you that we hadn't played tennis, only worked out! You were still so sad and holding onto my neck with an unbreakable grip! I carried you out of the school & nothing was breaking the grip you had on me, you told me again & again that you had "cried for your mommy." I held your hand and rubbed your fingers the whole way home! You didn't let me out of your sight the rest of the afternoon and I can not even count how many times you told me "I love you so much Mommy!"

My cell phone that is usually glued to my hand went untouched for hours, my computer was on idle & all my attention was on you & only you for hours after we got home! We recounted your time at school, we danced in your new shoes, you ate your school lunch & watched your Dora DVD over & over!! You would venture into the kitchen & visit with Gigi or Granny Jean but quickly come running back to the sun room to make sure I was still there!

You talked about school with a happy heart & you were anxious to give it another try on Wednesday! I was so happy to hear that you would consider going again, even though I didn't "need" this time away from you I knew that you needed it away from me.

I was so excited to tell you about the "Mom & Tot" ballet class that I found, it is only 30 minutes a week but, it is 30 minutes in a tutu!! You were so happy when I told you that we would be dancing together! I explained that we would go to dance class after the next time you went to school and you didn't even flinch at the idea of going back to school.

Adelaide you are the bright spot in so many peoples lives and I hope that you realize how amazing you really are already at just 2 years old. Mommy & Daddy love you so very much and we count our blessings with you every second of every day.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snap, Crackle & Pop

After watching so many commercials of children & their mommies listening to their rice krispies snap, crackle & pop we just had to buy a box!! Adelaide is a very picky eater and rarely ever eats breakfast but she is LOVING Rice Krispies!! She even loves it when I add strawberries to them! She calls them her "snap, pop's" and eats them all by herself with a little help from Mommy! Oh my little girl is growing up so fast!

So Rice Krispies aren't the only thing that were going "snap, crackle & pop" this week at the Coleman house! Tuesday night Mike & his great friend Sinclair go bike riding out at Fort Chaffee. While they go bike riding my very good friend Alison and I have date night, we go to eachothers house and have dinner & wine while the kids play! So halfway through our "date night" I got a call from Mike saying he had a "little" spill and may have been broken his collar bone! He said that they were going to head to the ER and would be there in 15 minutes, he TOTALLY acted like it was just a little crash! Just before he called my mom had called to say she was about to drop by so that Adelaide could see Jack & Jill. As soon as they got here I calmly headed to the hospital just expecting to sit with Mike while he got an X-Ray. Needless to say it was way way way MORE than just a maybe broken collar bone. He had a very Very broken collar bone, a few fractured ribs, slight concussion, and road rash all over his back and down his hip! So after x-rays, CAT scans, and cleaning & dressing all of his wounds we thanked all the fabulous doctors & nurses and headed home! Neither of us can even imagine how bad it would have been if he had not been wearing his helmet.
He has been a great patient, the road rash is healing quickly but he is still very sore and uncomfortable!! I am so thankful for all the great friends & family that have been so loving, caring and helpful!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Adelaide turns 2!

Yes, I know she turned 2 in June but we have had a very busy summer!! We had a great afternoon with so many of our great friends and our fabulous family! The kids and some parents swam, Pawpaw made hamburgers and everyone sang Happy Birthday and ate cake! She still wears her adorable birthday hat and shirt and sings "Happy Birthday to Addie" on a daily basis so it really doesnt seem like the party was that long ago!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seaside 2009

We just had the most amazing trip to Seaside, our family goes every year and I think it gets better each and every time! Even though Adelaide and I were sick the first few days with a cold (who gets a cold in JULY on the day they fly to the beach???) but as soon as we started feeling better we were all over the place! We had such a great time dancing, playing in the sand, painting pottery, swimming in the pool, shopping and eating some yummy food!

Dinner at Great Southern Cafe
(I made everyone eat there like 7 times, its my FAV)

We ventured to the beautiful Seaside lawn for a fabulous concert! Adelaide LOVED dancing in her fancy tutu!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

School Days

Adelaide has started school!! I took her last week for the first time and she loved it! While school lasts from 9 to 2 I picked her up promptly at 11:45 just in case she did not want to stay for lunch! She informed me though that she wanted to eat with the kids!! So today was our first full day! The whole way to school she recited our rules back to me. 1. No Pull Hair. 2. Share Toys. 3. Listen to Miss Claudia & Miss Sara!! I went to pick her up just a little early hoping to catch a glimpse of her playing (sweetly I hoped) but she was sleeping!!!! I was SHOCKED! This child is the pickiest sleeper ever, everything has to be just perfect before she will even pretend to be tired! The teacher said that when Adelaide saw all the other little kids laying down she wanted to sleep too! Needless to say I think we are a follower in the making!! Whenever I need her to do something I say "Emma does it" and all argument is stopped!!