Monday, February 8, 2010

Bippity Boppity Boo

We just got back from taking Adelaide to Walt Disney world to visit her most favorite thing in the whole world, Princess's! I will be adding pictures soon but until I can get them on here I want to record Adelaide's conversation with Cinderella! We ate dinner at the castle on Friday night and Miss Adelaide talked to Cinderella one on one for at least 20 minutes! It was the most precious conversation.
Adelaide: Hi Cinderella, I'm Adelaide and I am a Princess like you! (she curtsies)
Cinderella: Well Hello Princess Adelaide! (Curtsies)! I am so glad you came to my castle tonight for dinner.
Adelaide: Where is Bruno (the dog)
Cinderella: He is upstairs sleeping! He had a long day playing with prince charming and chasing lucifer.
Adelaide: Where is Lucifer (the cat)?
Cinderella: He is upstairs hiding from Bruno and probably sleeping as well!
Adelaide: Where are your sisters Drizella & Anastasia?
Cinderella: They are having dinner with my Step Mother at one of my step mothers friends castle, they should be back tonight!
Adelaide: Where are the mice, especially Gus Gus?
Cinderella: They are right up there on that ledge, they were playing freeze tag with the other mice and I think someone forgot they were here.
Adelaide: What is freeze tag, Ill unfreeze them, I can do it!
Cinderella: Explains freeze tag! But tells Adleiade that they are playing with the mice so she cant unfreeze them only the mice.
Adelaide consideres this explanation and seems to accept the answer!!
Adelaide: Where is Aurora?
Cinderella: She is asleep at her castle with Prince Phillip!
Adelaide: Oh no did she prick her finger on the spindle???
Cinderella: No No No, she is just tired! She's sleeps alot! She knows now that she cant touch the spindle!
Adelaide: WAIT! Where is your Prince Charming????
Cinderella: He had to go to a Royal Prince meeting but he will be back to the castle soon.
Adelaide: So you are here all by yourself?
Cinderella: No you are here with me and my Fairy God Mother is here and all the mice!
Adelaide: Oh Okay thats good, You dont want to be home at this castle all by yourself.
Cinderella: Yes your right.
Adelaide: I really love your dress, it is just like mine! But I dont have a necklace like yours. Its very pretty, I will ask my mommy to get me one like that. OKay?
Cinderella: Oh thank You, I love your dress too, and you are beautiful with or without a necklace.
Adelaide: Yes thank you Cinderella!

Mike and I decided we should really let poor Cinderella go, so after a little more coaxing Adelaide finaly went upstairs for dinner!!!!


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